MONKI shirt // THRIFTED jacket // H&M shorts // OUT FROM UNDER sandals


Hooray, the warm weather is back! For now! Wearing new sandals I bought at the beginning of the month. I decided to splurge on a pair before I spent my money on everything else because sandals are such a weird shoe. My feet are so wide and I can never find a pair that are actually comfortable and pretty. So I decided to go for a less feminine style this season and bought these heavy, leather ones from Urban Outfitters. Still wearing them out but no regrets so far.

I told my friend I had bought sandals and he just went 'sandals?? who the fuck wears sandals?' and I went 'who the fuck doesn't?' I always forget that there are people that just don't wear open shoes... ever. I would be so cranky if I was forced to wear closed shoes all summer. Apparently there are some who believe only people with nice feet are allowed to wear sandals. What a load of BS. I'm a fan of not suffocating your feet no matter how they look.


  1. Incredible outfit and very nice pics
    Great Pieces!

  2. Super fint outfit!!
    Jeg elsker sandalerne - og skønt med lidt forårsfarver i det fine solskinsvejr :-)