THRIFTED shirt // URBAN OUTFITTERS jacket // H&M jeans // ADIDAS sneakers // WEEKDAY tote

Sporting the hobo look at the moment because there's honestly so much going on in my life that I just have to feel as comfortable as possible. That, and I've also adapted a 'I. Just. Don't. Care.' attitude recently about the way I look. Not as in the way that I don't want to 'dress up' but more in the sense that I actually want to dress more... weird. I want to express myself more like I used to when I was a teen and people who passed on the street would whisper and shoot me judgmental looks but it just didn't phase me. I felt more free back then, not caring so much about actual fashion but more about expressing. In the end the way I dress is just a small part of my identity.

And what other way to feel super comfortable than to wear boyfriend jeans? I finally found a pair where I couldn't be mistaken for a confused pre-teen. I got these from H&M a while ago and I feel like I've made some kind of crazy investment. It's such unfamiliar territory to wear loose jeans. It definitely takes some getting used to but I'm a fan. 


  1. Love the chill vibe of your outfit. i know what you mean about wearing loose items feeling weird, im so used to wearing skinny jeans too but the boyfriend/mom jeans are such a nice change to feeling so cooped in by skinnies! loving the kicks too! x

  2. Super cool pics and very nice outfit too
    great work on your blog
    keep doing :)

  3. Yes! I know exactly what you mean when it comes to being more carefree with what I wore in high school. I have been wishing I could go back to those days when I just threw on what I liked and felt like without caring what anyone thought. It was sort of my one small rebellion, haha. I have one pair of boyfriend jeans and after wearing skinny jeans for so long, I can't get used to them! :((

  4. I love your personal interpretation of the sneaker trend.

  5. Such a comfy outfit! love it

  6. You are so beautiful!
    I love the headphones and the jacket and your jeans! Gorgeous