Here's an irrelevant photo just because I honestly had no idea what to post with this.

First off I want to say that I'm aware that I don't owe anyone an explanation of what happens in my private life. The majority of you probably don't even care enough to read this but since I've managed to involve Caroline on my blog/youtube channel frequently the past years I thought I'd give it a mention.

Me and Caroline broke up. It's a pretty cliché reason but it was mutual decision, we both sensed it coming. It's been wonderful, hands down the best relationship I've ever been in. It's been filled with humor, communication, mutual respect, care and understanding. But sometimes you can feel it heading towards the end and the only way to go forward at this point, is to end what you have going on now. It hurts but at the end of the day it's all for the better and it's all been so lovely. The best thing yet. I can't really think of a time of my life where the quote "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" has been more fitting. Cheesy, I know.

But anyway that's why I'm sad I lost my girlfriend after more than three years but feel so lucky to still have a friend. That's what's really important to me at the moment. Yeah, so there's that... life, eh?


  1. Hi Yin, sorry you're going through a rough spot right now. At least it ended as well as it possibly could have, and you still have a friend in her. Hope you feel better soon.

    -Leah M.

  2. I'm sorry. but what you're saying, even it's super cheesy and lame, I think it's true.
    gl with your friend :--)

  3. Hey there. I'm sorry about your break-up. It's sad and it hurts, I know. I broke up from my gilfriend a year ago and I still miss her sometimes. But it's like you said, don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. That's what I try to reming myself as well. :) And yes, you lost your girfriend, but at least you've gained a friend. Hope you feel better soon.It does get easier.

    Flo x

  4. Hi Yin, sad to acknowledge this, anyway hope that you guys can manage to be good friends :) .

  5. Hi Yin, I was so sorry to hear that you and Caroline broke up. Hope you're doing ok, and keep your head up!


  6. Hey girl, sorry about this. But I really like your phrase "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". Hope you're going to syick with it, in a moment like that, it can be hard. Anycway, good luck to you, and keep smiling. Don't be a cactus, cactus are boring !

  7. Oh I'm really sorry. But I know that you are powerfull, you had a clean breakup. If you want another girlfriend, I'm right here buddy :P :D Just joking. I never had a girlfriend or boyfriend before. I know it sounds not possible ( I mean being a perfectly normal 21 year old girl and never had a boyfriend?) but it is what it is. So there is no way to I could understand your feelings. But I know one thing, there is a cure for everything called ''time''