I can't believe I forgot to share my recent video with you. I've been so distracted by my exam project/assignment thingy, I'm still impressed that I even got to film and edit this. Ahhh it'll be so much better when I've handed it in on the 17th of december. My group is doing a comparative analysis on the American Psycho book and film. It's going alright, I'm still trying to get the grip of the whole uni thing when it comes to exams and assignments. I have no idea what they want because it turns out it's much more different than secondary high school. I just hope it's not a completely pile of crap! 

 Anyway, some of you who watched my previous video wanted a video about the whole moving out process, so I decided to make a video where I share some of the things I felt had a positive influence on me pre-moving out. Remember, the preparation before you move out is just as important as the actual move! So watch it and leave your own suggestions or feedback OR QUESTIONS in the comments. Don't forget to like the video on Youtube as it lets me know it's not completely useless. COOLIO see you!!!

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  1. I really appreciate you making this video. I’ve been teetering on moving out for a long time now, and I think that now (especially with your advice) I can effectively plan to finally do so. The paying your way and becoming mentally and financially your own person segment was so on point. Thank you so much for this!