You smell that? Mmm goodies from August. Shared in moving pictures. August is done (yes I am slightly confused as well) and it's time to name some of the stuff I've become especially fond of. Watch,  like if you enjoyed it and show support by commenting. Lez hav faaan (let's have fun).



Very simple outfit I'm providing you with here today. I've been meaning to wear this leopard patterned shirt in forever. I keep taking it out of the closet, only to put it back in because by itself it tends to look a tad tacky. I have no idea what I was thinking when I orginally bought but I remember not even thinking twice. The material is kind of silky but not really, and I just look like someone from a soap opera in it. So I decided to layer it up with my New York printed sweatshirt I, quiet the contrary, have been wearing ever since I bought it. 

Also, goddamn freaking green is still not out my mess of a hairdo. Unbelievable. 

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I don't usually do these kind of posts but I just watched this as I was supposed to read about 100 pages about method for class tomorrow. I've only been back at uni for two days and I'm already lagging behind study-wise because I just can't seem to stay committed to 'homework'. I've been procrastinating for three day for this particular big class and I've begun to feel really miserable about it.

So I decided to procrastinate differently today. My procrastination of choice? Videos about studying. I've watched videos about tips and tricks for keeping yourself organized and prepped and all that. Throughout this I've stumbled upon this class I wanted to share with you. A professor simplifying why it's so difficult to study 'hard' and get the pay-off we wish for. The video is an hour long but if you're studying for college/university yourself and you, like me, have been having some serious struggles with just understanding and memorizing what you spend so much time and energy on studying (or planning on studying), I think you're gonna thank yourself for taking the time to watch this instead of pretending that you are taking time away from you just sitting and staring at pages and sighing.

I think I spend 80% of my time worrying about studying than actually doing it. And when I eventually get to it, it's late, I feel like shit for postponing it for so long and even shittier when I start to read... because it just doesn't seem to stick or have my attention. I usually 'study' at night when I feel like I've done all the things I wanted to do for the day, so now I can not stress about reading fast so I can do this and that. I've told you before I'm an actually stressed person in general. Uni can really get the best of me anxiety wise. But after watching Marty Lobdell, my attitude has changed a bit about this whole thing and I'm not gonna feel too bad about not studying properly for tonight because I'm worn out and anxious - how could I ever expect myself to feel motivated and ready for 100 pages a few hours before going to bed?

Tomorrow I'm gonna try and study like Marty and hope I can get past my dangerous routine of getting upset and anxious about studying. Maybe it'll even take my mind off switching uni and actually spark an interest. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get smarter too. I'll keep you posted on that though.

What is your favorite way of studying?


BIKBOK coat // WEEKDAY top // H&M skirt // REEBOK sneakers

Here's a quick look at what I wore a few days ago when the weather was a weird mix between being too hot for jeans but too cold for sandals and bare legs. I bought this top a good while ago and I remember being completely hooked about getting it but I just realized I haven't really worn it at all.... Anyway, I had a lot to mention today but I'm currently sitting at my parents' place, feeling a fever coming over me. Goddammit I've only been back at uni for two days, I can't stay home now!

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H&M top + jeans // DOLCE BY DOLCE VITA loafers // FIRMOO sunglasses

Here's a getup I've had in my mind for a while but I haven't really made myself wear till now. I think it's the combination of the loafers (that I seriously don't wear enough... because I just can't wear them for more than six-eight hours) and this drapey shirt I bought a few months ago. I found it in the H&M sale and there was something about the layers and the way it hangs on the body that appeals to me. Still doesn't rule out the fact it's very different from what I usually wear and I do feel a bit out of my comfort zone when I catch a mirror wearing it but hey. Also didnt realize how much this outfit resembles something my great grandma would've worn. Maybe without the skinny jeans. Don't think great grandma was much of a skinny jeans kind of gal.

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My customized Firmoo sunnies (link)

I recently got a pair of new sunglasses from the webshop is a website that sells glasses with or without prescription along with sunglasses of course. They allow you to pick your favorable frame shape and color, then you select the strength of the glass along with the tone of them! 

I went with these slighty cat-eyed frames because it seems to be the one shape that I can usually wear on my faceshape - though maybe I should've gone a pair that were a tad bigger (the curse of a wide face *sob*). Then I went for the burgundy color for the frames and a very dark shade of glass for ultimative protection from the sun. I really like these but right now I kind of wish I had gone for something a bit risky like a blue reflective shade for instance, which is also possible! Maybe I should get another pair...

I just really wanted to share the word of Firmoo because I think it's wonderful to have a webshop where you can 'costumize' your own glasses, even if you actually use prescription in your glasses. Right now they even have an offer where you can get your first pair for free! Get two pairs at once or get a pair with your friends. I got my pair along with a cool protector box and regular bag (not in photo) for them - the package was here in a matter of days which was very impressive. So if you've had a specific pair of glasses in your head recently but haven't been able to find them, I'd give Firmoo a try :)

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I was recently tagged by a fashion-related Youtuber I watch which is weirdly exciting to me. That, and the fact that the tag is floading with questions but also not completely random but related to fashion. If you do videos or even blogging, you can do this tag yourself. As always if you want to support me, give the video a like 

These are the questions I will be answering in this video:

1. What style do you love but cannot pull off? 
2. What's your favorite outfit in your wardrobe that you love but don't get to wear as often?
3. What would your 16 year old self think about your life right now?
5. Worst habit when getting ready?
6. What do you wear now that you wore in elementary school?
7. Do you think that style can represent someone's personality?

 [wearing sweats vs. wearing jeans to school]



I don't know if any of you who follow me on my Facebook fanpage have noticed but I like sharing music. If I discover (or rediscover) a song that just makes me feel something, I have a very strong urge to share it with other people. So the other day I thought... hey, why don't I just post a playlist once in a while on my blog? Maybe that will be my music-sharing fix. That way you guys can also get an idea of my music taste... which is very, very, very wide. 

I kind of tend to get into a certain type of genre at once and then I just listen to anything that has a slightly similar vibe to it. In August I've especially been very into one of my biggest weaknesses: "flowy", preferably electro, slow-ish (yeah, don't expect any clever descriptions from this one) songs that you can listen to in the evening when you're on your couch, drinking tea at the end of the day for example. I especially like to listen to the majority of the songs on this list when I go for a walk around sunset time. It sets me in a very specific mood, sometimes melancholic, other times it just brings a certain clarity to everything. Try it out yourself and let me know if you enjoyed the songs... excuse my lack of DJ skills though.



MONKI polo (link) // ASOS bomber (link) + skirt (link) // N/A bag // DOWN FROM UNDER sandals

Have I introduced you guys to my fivehead in the past? I can't remember. Here's a fun fact: I never wear my hair up like this for an entire day unless I 1) have the greasiest, grossest hair day of them all and nowhere near dry shampoo or 2) I've only seen myself in certain lightning before I went out the door and I got overly confident about how the whole thing looked - only to come home, look myself in real lightning and have the truth slapped my face by the mirror; you, my friend, have looked really wonky in the face the entiiire day. Won-ky.

In other news I also wore this getup on the day where summer decided it was gonna dramatically do a transition to fall. It was just a weird day. I got around to wear a midi-skirt I bought recently off ASOS. Had I known it would be the tightest thing (tight as in forcing my thighs to connect at all times, not as in cool), I would've gone one size up. Oh well, maybe I can do some stretching in it and hope it will stop making me feel like wrapped up ready made pizza dough you can buy at the supermarket. That, or I'll hope to drop some of that crazy water weight I've been gaining after going on hormonal pills.

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CHEAP MONDAY tshirt // MINKPINK skirt // DOWN FROM UNDER (UO) sandals

Excuse the upcoming OOTDs that seem unrealistically summer-ish, I have a bunch drafted from warmer times... before summer turned into fucking winter in a week. I'm genuinely in shock. Did that happen last year or are my worries rational?

Anyway I recently sorted and re-organized my closet, an activity I should do waaay more often. Not just because it's messy but because I always end up rediscovering cool pieces I have lying around but never wear. Sometimes it seriously feels like going shopping! Like this loud tribal skirt I bought a year ago and wore once. I remember loving the look but not the length but ever since I gained a bit of weight and longer skirts have been flaunted around the streets this season it feels like a great time to wear it with my fun Cheap Monday tee. 

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