CHOIES (link) jacket // H&M shirt // MONKI jeans // ASOS (link) slip-ons // PRIMARK bag


Goddamn I love bomber jackets. I will never not enjoy the way they make me feel... weirdly free and in control of myself. I know, I know, dramatic but you know how some clothes you have to get used to and it doesn't always feel right. But I never seem to feel wrong when I wear this type of jacket. Put this type of pattern on any other type of jacket and I would have to be in the mood to wear it but I never feel overdressed or weird wearing this. Maybe it's the way it dresses down everything (not because this outfit could be any more casual even if I tried.)

Also, I just wanna throw in a quick recommendation for you guys. Soooo... I have a fan page on Facebook where I've gotten more active recently. I feel like it's the easiest way to communicate with you guys (that, and Twitter.) For instance recently I asked if you would like me to post outfit photos on the blog before I put up my upcoming lookbook video (where the same outfits appear) or the other way around. You agreed on blogposts first (this is the first outfit for my video btw.) I love that you guys give me responds so quickly, so if you'd like to join, I would be so happy. My social links are right under the banner on the blog. See you! 

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DSC_4534 DSC_4542
This month I have bought two new books. First of, I gave in and purchased a book I have been wanting to read for a long time, Paul Arden's It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. I'm always looking for insight on how to be better at... well, life. I'm a complete sucker for all sorts of literature with innovative thinking and the self-help vibe. I know that it's very looked down upon to be into all of this (or it seems like it has become that way), but I'm still a big fan of it all. I read this book in about an hour, it's a very simple book but the advice Arden gives is very useful in life in general, not just if you work with advertising or creative jobs. 

The other book, Happiness is possible, was a spontaneous buy. I found it in the sale and I guess it just felt very relatable at the time for the same exact reason as stated above. But this is fiction whilst the other is not. It's about a writer who becomes incapable of writing anything positive after his wife walked out on him. I liked the way the first couple of pages were written, so I gave in and now it's another to-read book on my bookshelves. I kind of expect it to be inspirational but who knows.

If you want to know more about what other books I'm interested in, you can follow me on Goodreads right here. My profile shows my current reads, what I have read, reviewed and what I would like to read in the future. Add me as your friend if you'd like as well! 


CHICNOVA (link) earrings

I totally forgot to show you these cool earrings I picked out from as well. As you might've noticed I'm really not an accessory kind of girl - I wish I was! Accessories can really make an outfit but I just always forget about it and find my myself regretting not thinking about my outfit for a little longer, when I go out the door. Because a little dainty necklace or ring would've put the look more together. Yes, I think like that once in a while. The thing is, I'm the combination of lazy and forgetful (in general, not just with jewelry) so at this point earrings is the best accessory for me because it... well, stays haha. 

So recently I've been flaunting these aroun in my ears and I really like them! They're kind of sparkly, which is usually not my thing but they're also a bit 'heavy' which makes up for it. I really like them and they weren't expensive at all either. 

 PS. and you can wear them however you like, obviously. As you can see I can't make up my mind about what I think looks best lmao.


H&M all // NIKE sneakers

Grey, grey, grey, OH SUNSHINE!!11, grey, grey. I've been lacking a bit of inspiration lately because at the moment I wake up to the most depressing sight almost every morning. Like, why even make an effort to do OOTDs if the light is obviously going to be dull? Well today I met up with Stine and decided to give a shot anyway. It's a bit comical of how my style is just straight up following the season this year. I don't usually get that literal with all of the season colors and cuts but at the moment it's hard to resist.

Being wearing a bit of a different cat-eye recently after I switched to a different eyeliner (I'll make a post about that during the week) and I think I like it. It's a mix between not being too overly dramatic but also not too subtle. Kind of how I prefer everything in my life to be. In between.

The next couple of posts might be less of my face and more stuff I've bought/used recently. Hopefully a video too.

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CHICNOVA (link) cardigan // H&M tank // MONKI jeans // N/A shoes

Notice anything different? No? Nothing about me seems... darker, almost black? Like... my hair for instance. Could be since I dyed it yesterday. If you've caught up with my most recent video, you'd know I was pretty dissatisfied with my current hair color, the combination of the green and the light brown made my hair look extra dry and I never felt like it looked remotely healthy, even after I got a haircut last week (where she chopped waaay too much off, leaving me really fucking frustrated). 

It wasn't supposed to be black tho'! It was supposed to be a very dark brown. That's what both title and picture said on the box, but right now it's like a black with a brown undertone. I'm hoping that it'll fade a bit with the washes but still keep the green away. Even if it doesn't, I'll still take it over the previous look I had going on. 

Also how freaking awesome is this cardigan I got a while ago? I foresee a lot of heavy, long cardigans and outerwear to be present this fall/winter for me. I just love the silhoutte. So when I found it on Chicnova (link) it was a bit of no-brainer for several reasons. The color clash betwen orange, red and magenta makes it unlike anything in my closet, the cool knitting with both big pockets, a split and pattern break in the back and the overall heavy, warm material. And the site has plenty of cool knits I might splurge on next month. Eeek! 

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I uploaded a Q&A video today fellas! I needed some motivation to do a video that didn't put too much pressure on me, so I thought I'd led you partially lead the content of this one. A good bunch of you had questions you wanted answered and I only made a pathetic small amount so if your question wasn't answered, it could appear in another Q&A video, if I feel enough people want it. You can show your support for Q&A videos by liking the video on youtube. Any feedback is always apprciated :))) I'll post an OOTD soon as well. Lots of lurve 2 u.


MONKI coat + shirt // H&M jeans // HORZE boots

The weather has been SO depressing, oh my God. Like, am I the only one that has had zero inspiration and just haven't really felt the day really happen because the sun has rarely been there. So today I had the tiniest amount of plans and decided to just wear the comfiest of the comfiest clothes. I got this coat a month ago and I've been wearing it constantly. The model is very me but I don't usually go for green but it works with a lot of other pieces, especially in the fall.

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Random photo I took last month that doesn't really relate to anything. I just makes me happy. I love Shibas!

Sorry about the silence recently. Life has been shit without sugarcoating anything. I've been really bad in many ways and I'm finally kind of having a few good days again. So I thought I'd return with this month's playlist. I've been super up and down, so my music taste has been following that I haven't been able to stick to just one genre this month. However, I have managed to see a pattern with some of my most listening to tracks this month and picked them out to create a bit of a collective playlist.

This month I bring you music from the indie/rock genre, most preferably anything that isn't too sad or sentimental as it's really important for me to think positive and not think about the past at the moment. Once again, my apologies for not bringing any cool DJ skills with the arrangement of songs. Maybe the shuffle effect will give you a better offer, haha. Let me know what you think about this months playlist. I'm still a complete idiot to Spotify but turns out you can follow the playlist if you'd like. So there's that. 



MONKI top + jeans // N/A jacket // VANS sneakers


I'm gonna go a bit arrogant on you guys and say that I really love how these pictures turned out. I don't think I've ever really complimented my own photos before, simply because a) I'm not the one taking them and b) the motive is myself. I'm an extremely modest person but something I've learned this year is that I really have to learn the ability to look at myself and say 'I look good in this picture'. And these pictures were shot last week during a summer sunny day before work and they were just very painless to shoot and edit. 

I've recently switched to a super light foundation recently that I used to wear before I had acne, so I've been super self-concious but the camera has shown me mercy and I didn't have to sit and spot-edit too much, which can sometimes be a very depressing process if I have to be perfectly honest with you. Oh, and I absolutely adore the new top I'm wearing, so I'm happy.

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FRONT ROW SHOP (link) jacket // H&M sweater + pants // ASOS (link) slip-ons
DSC_3296 was so kind to have me select a piece from their website recently. It was super hard to choose because this brand carries a lot different, edgy, experimental pieces but I ended up going for this transitional jacket. The reason it's transition is that the style isn't really attached to one specific season and the material is kind of thin. It's very unlike any of the other jackets I own, so I find it very fascinating. It's just a combo of things I can appreciate: dots, fun material, zipper and a cool structure. 

I decided to pair it up with yet another pair of super comfortable loose fitting pants I've been wearing constantly the past few months. Perfect for the weather we've been having lately. And uhm, yeah this is  the third time I'm wearing these slip-ons in an OOTD post, I didn't realize at all. My apologies. 
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