Hello dear reader.

So a couple of days ago I decided that my days of blogging on Pangcakes.com are done. It's not a super rash decision, it has been more of a matter of timing. As you probably have noticed I haven't been the best blogger, as a matter of fact there are a ton of other bloggers with much more potential out there. I've now been doing this thing for about seven years! Can you believe it? After maybe six months of switching from a private blog on Livejournal.com to a public, much more ambitious blog on Blogspot.com, this whole thing about sharing my life through pictures and text posts became pretty  natural. It was before the whole concept of blogging exploded so a lot of people didn't get it at all and it was kind of my own little thing, my own space where whoever was supportive and interested were welcomed. Like a bunch of people that just listened. Those people are you. 

So all of this has been a lot of fun. As I felt like I was gaining an audience, I also felt like I was slowly creating my own 'online identity'. Actually one of the toughest decisions to make at this point to leave the domain Pangcakes.com. I've become very used to referring people to this site and to meet readers and get featured, do cooperations with websites and such. The concept of sharing is amazing to me and when I have this kind of space, I've always been the one to decide what's being shared. I have also always been in charge of how monetized I wanted it to be. How high did I want to aim? What kind of blogger did I want to become? How much did I care about a big audience vs. a loyal, personal audience? I think maybe one and a half years ago I started feeling like there were  expectations for the quality of my content and how often I would bring it. It was fine and for a long while it was a motivator. But when your real life gets complicated (or just too real) or you don't feel like you have any interesting things to share or you don't seem to bring the same kind of 'adventure' as other bloggers, it makes you feel like a disappointment. And I know by now that the pressure is not created by you but by myself. I could deal with the expectations because there was fun in it too. But I feel like time has now changed everything there was of me when I started this site and it's just not the same anymore. And that's okay because it wasn't like I expected myself to blog till I was ninety anyway.

So what's going on now is that I like the idea of compressing and reducing my social sites a bit more.  To take the pressure of and not be too overwhelmed by social media. I don't want to be overly attached but also still not have ten kinds of inactive accounts around places. I deleted my Twitter and now Pangcakes.com is going silent, so instead I want to be more active on my other sites. And so far I already like it way more. The closest thing to a blog is now my Tumblr and my Facebook fanpage, where I will post random anecdotes and thoughts and whatnot whenever I want. It's not the same kind of pressure. It's way more liberating. Besides, my amount of readers have dropped or just not increased in a long time and I'm not half as inspired as I used to be, so it all makes perfect sense. You've probably been awaiting this as well.

SO!!11! What now??+? Well there are a good bunch of options to choose from if you're not completely done with me and whatever blergh I'm doing. Here's where you can find me from now on: 


One is not like the other. In all honesty of all the other sites listed below, this is the one I hope you will follow the most because this is the place that I really enjoy creating content for. I spend hours editing and love getting feedback on my videos. I didn't mention it previously but my love for blogging has been transferred to video making. To me, making videos and posting them for you guys is way more satisfying nowadays because I feel like the vibe I want to give off and the things I want to express translate more truly in videos. Even if there's jump-cuts, effects and I'm always in a good mood, it's still something that seems more fitting for me now. Also, I have a lot of love for the Youtube community. It takes itself seriously yet not really. Like me! I aim to post a video every second week (once in a while I go cray-cray and there's only one week's pause) and I just post whatever feels right. After quitting the blog, I try and incorporate more beauty and fashion related things once in a while (before I didn't because it was a extensions of my blog). I just have fun. I would love for you to subscribe.


If you follow me on Instagram you will get: 
  • Random snippets from my life. CPH, friends, FOOD!
  • Me getting all into selfies nowadays... what? Don't judge.
  • Probably an occasional outfit or a close up of it. I still enjoy fashion.
  • Something to look at while you're waiting for the train to arrive.


I've recently rediscovered my love for this site and become way more active. It's a very odd way of expressing my personality through content I didn't create. I love Tumblr for its wack humor, debates, beauty, fashion, aesthetics... and that's mostly just what my Tumblr is filled with. THAT and personal/random blog-like posts. My tumblr is basically the same it's always been but with my used-to-be twitter account and dis old thang mushed into it.


Since I still have my Youtube channel, I'm still keeping this fan page going. I've been a little unsure because in reality I could also remove this and connect entirely through instagram, Youtube and Tumblr from now on. They all pretty active. But I also really like posting really random stuff on my FB page like songs I'm obsessed with, anecdotes and most importantly - questions! I love to connect with you guys on FB and most people have FB, so...

PS. especially active on boring Sundays.


I can't leave this place, no way. This is where the entire outfit sharing thing really started for me. I still occasional look for inspiration on this site and if I miss posting OOTDs with my DSLR on the blog, I will just pop one up on my profile. You can become a fan and like my looks. That would be nice of you.


Still a total beginner with this app and need to get a bit more active soon but I listen to music with it constantly. I enjoyed making playlists so I want to continue doing that but not monthly, just whenever I feel like I got a good mix going. So if you wanna follow my odd music taste or just like to have a random playlist to listen to once a while, follow me for future sharing.

One of my goals for 2015 is to read more - because I actually really enjoy it! My reading habits are usually like this: I don't read for months, then I read a few pages in some book I started way back when, I get sucked in, feel energized and I wonder why the hell I ever stopped. Then I become active on Goodreads and then something comes up and I abandon it again. But not this year! I took up the Reading Challenge on this site to read 20 books this year. I love to see what my followers are into and read reviews, so if you wanna check out if I can stick to my goals or you just like to read, befriend me!

Thank you guys so much for all of the time you took to read my blog and generally for being supportive. 
I had a lot of fun and I hope that you will join me on my other sites for whatever comes ahead 

Luuurve, Yin. 



Whoever said I can't wrap presents even if my life depended on... was right. Not much of a talent for this kind of nit-pickery. But I still thought I'd make a video about it for Christmas. Last year I made a video about what I received, this year I thought I'd make one about what I give. And it was actually more fun! So I hope you'll watch it and like it if you enjoyed. 

But more importantly I wish you a merry Christmas. PS: For New Years some change is going to happen so stay put for that blogpost :)


TILLY SUNBURST Triangl bikini set (link)

Talk about a completely delayed post coming up today. At the end of summer I was sent this wonderful bikini set by Triangl and it was a part of my plan to wear it, snap a few photos and then show it to you guys. Buuut it was also a part of my plan to get super fit and summer ready (cliché x 10) which obviously never happened. So today when I was cleaning my closet I realized I've failed to even mention it!

I really freaking love this bikini. Like, it's probably - no, it's definitely - the most perfect set I've owned to date. I'm not really much into string bikinis (I feel over exposed) and most of the time the tops are either a chaos (as in they don't stay in place) or they're just not that flattering. So I was a bit nervous about how this model was gonna sit on me. This bikini is SOcomfortable, the top part of it has joined my drawer of bras because of how flattering and comfortable it is. The quality totally matches the price. 

So basically...

My biggest fear: super thin bikinis that makes you feel over exposed and just don't stay in place. Either too sexy, boring or 'cutesy'.

My triangl bikini: super thick neoprene material that makes you feel secure and stays completely in place. The coolest, solid colors and patterns that fit my personal style more.

I'll definitely wear this bikini during the summer, maybe buy more sets from Triangl to mix and match. If you're considering getting one yourself but you're unsure about the size, their costumer service is available 24/7 as well!


URBAN OUTFITTERS shirt // H&M sweater // N/A jacket // MONKI jeans // CHANEL boots

Merry December to you all, I'm not overwhelmed by its arrival as I usually am. I'm one of those super annoying people that get all surprised about Christmas being super close every year. I'm never one of those people that get excited about it two months before. This year I'm just fine with time passing after everything that's been going on so far. Let winter and it's holidays arrive. I'm ready.

Wearing something a bit light after what felt like weeks of dark, grey skies. Some days I couldn't get out of bed but this day I surely could. I purposefully wore something practically and light. Took out my truly ol' vintage Chanel boots, an old thrifted jacket and a new little shirt I recently invested in during the weird Black Friday craze that came over Denmark some time ago. 

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As some of you might've noticed the last couple of... years (lol), my inconsistency with social media is pretty intense sometimes. The amount of time I've gone dead on you guys is a bit ridiculous at this point. I can't speak for the first couple of years of my blog, but I can talk about the last ones. A lot of stuff has been going down and it's something I've been considering writing about for while. But for some reason it hasn't felt effective enough. So I decided to make a video recently, bit of a life update/private chit chat one.


THRIFT jacket // MUUJI shirt // H&M jeans // HORZE boots // YVONNE KONÉ bag

A very careless, completely thrown together outfit today. I wore this a while ago on a super grey day (just like today, amazingly depressing weather we're getting recently. Hooray!) and I just felt like layering on and not worrying about what's flattering and what's not. And that's something I love about today's fashion scene. Skinny jeans are in, tapered jeans are in, completely baggy boyfriend jeans are in. Sneakers, heels, ankle- and thigh high boots are a thing. You can pretty much costumize yourself as you wish. When I was a teenager I remember the selection of clothing on the market to be way more restricted but today it's possible to get pretty much all sorts of styles. That, or I just discovered the magic of online shopping. 

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H&M blazer + shoes + scarf // CHOIES sweatshirt // MONKI jeans

Wow, I totally forgot about these photos! I've been in a bit of a bad state and was frustrated about my lack of things to post but it turns out these were lying, waiting on my SD card for me to edit. These are of course from my fall lookbook and boy did this new pair of shoes get attention. They're so different from what I would usually wear but not really unusual of what I would usually go for. They're a bit of a niche thing but I like the chunky part of it. I've really started to develop a love for chunky, heavy heeled shoes. 

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MONKI (link) jacket // CHICNOVA (link) dress // PRIMARK shoes

YOOO, this blogpost LATE and I'm sorry! Obviously if you've already watched my second recent video (fall lookbook) you've already seen this outfit and probably have no interest in seeing it again. But you know when you've gone through a lot of trouble and just generally spent time on something and you want it to be worth it even though in reality you could ditch it? Yeah, that's how I feel about the remaining OOTDs I have from making my lookbook video. It'd be a waste of time and I like how these turned out. Besides I've been a bit inactive as of late because I've feeling a bit down. 

In other news I was featured in an online article on metro.co.uk by the wonderful Kristabelle from iwantyoutoknow.co.uk, where she shows her top five fashion bloggers gone Youtuber list and I'm on it. Give it a look right HERE. (But then again you' know 'cause you already follow my facebook page. Right???)

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Here's a different kind of video yet again. I was asked if I wanted to participate in a challenge Adidas #NEO has going around at the moment. Basically they would send me some jackets from their AW 14 collection so I could style them and share my perfect idea of what to do during the winter with my best friend. So this video is featuring Stine (whom I haven't collaborated with in forever) and it's just us unpacking, styling and having fun in Copenhagen.

I hope you like it and show your support by liking the video :) I'll see you guys soon.


5149222305_1_1_1 copy
Links: Clutch // dress // shoes

Meanwhile your entire feed on bloglovin'/youtube/instagram is filled with Halloween outfits and tutorials, I have no intention to do anything Halloween related on the blog. I don't do Halloween and I'm too lazy to be creative at the moment, so instead I've been doing a ton of wishful thinking on my online window shopping journey up till the paycheck comes in.

I never shop at Zara because it'll only allow me to buy one piece of clothing once a month (if I'm lucky) which I usually find super boring. But I randomly visited their webshop and I fell in love instantly. Especially with these three items which combined made a fancy party/event outfit of my dreams. Something comfortable, chunky and a bit 'harsh'. Me likey... I'll definitely be dreaming of that dress till it's no longer in stock. 

(What do you think of these kinds of posts once in a while?)