THRIFT jacket // MUUJI shirt // H&M jeans // HORZE boots // YVONNE KONÉ bag

A very careless, completely thrown together outfit today. I wore this a while ago on a super grey day (just like today, amazingly depressing weather we're getting recently. Hooray!) and I just felt like layering on and not worrying about what's flattering and what's not. And that's something I love about today's fashion scene. Skinny jeans are in, tapered jeans are in, completely baggy boyfriend jeans are in. Sneakers, heels, ankle- and thigh high boots are a thing. You can pretty much costumize yourself as you wish. When I was a teenager I remember the selection of clothing on the market to be way more restricted but today it's possible to get pretty much all sorts of styles. That, or I just discovered the magic of online shopping. 

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H&M blazer + shoes + scarf // CHOIES sweatshirt // MONKI jeans

Wow, I totally forgot about these photos! I've been in a bit of a bad state and was frustrated about my lack of things to post but it turns out these were lying, waiting on my SD card for me to edit. These are of course from my fall lookbook and boy did this new pair of shoes get attention. They're so different from what I would usually wear but not really unusual of what I would usually go for. They're a bit of a niche thing but I like the chunky part of it. I've really started to develop a love for chunky, heavy heeled shoes. 

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MONKI (link) jacket // CHICNOVA (link) dress // PRIMARK shoes

YOOO, this blogpost LATE and I'm sorry! Obviously if you've already watched my second recent video (fall lookbook) you've already seen this outfit and probably have no interest in seeing it again. But you know when you've gone through a lot of trouble and just generally spent time on something and you want it to be worth it even though in reality you could ditch it? Yeah, that's how I feel about the remaining OOTDs I have from making my lookbook video. It'd be a waste of time and I like how these turned out. Besides I've been a bit inactive as of late because I've feeling a bit down. 

In other news I was featured in an online article on metro.co.uk by the wonderful Kristabelle from iwantyoutoknow.co.uk, where she shows her top five fashion bloggers gone Youtuber list and I'm on it. Give it a look right HERE. (But then again you' know 'cause you already follow my facebook page. Right???)

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Here's a different kind of video yet again. I was asked if I wanted to participate in a challenge Adidas #NEO has going around at the moment. Basically they would send me some jackets from their AW 14 collection so I could style them and share my perfect idea of what to do during the winter with my best friend. So this video is featuring Stine (whom I haven't collaborated with in forever) and it's just us unpacking, styling and having fun in Copenhagen.

I hope you like it and show your support by liking the video :) I'll see you guys soon.


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Links: Clutch // dress // shoes

Meanwhile your entire feed on bloglovin'/youtube/instagram is filled with Halloween outfits and tutorials, I have no intention to do anything Halloween related on the blog. I don't do Halloween and I'm too lazy to be creative at the moment, so instead I've been doing a ton of wishful thinking on my online window shopping journey up till the paycheck comes in.

I never shop at Zara because it'll only allow me to buy one piece of clothing once a month (if I'm lucky) which I usually find super boring. But I randomly visited their webshop and I fell in love instantly. Especially with these three items which combined made a fancy party/event outfit of my dreams. Something comfortable, chunky and a bit 'harsh'. Me likey... I'll definitely be dreaming of that dress till it's no longer in stock. 

(What do you think of these kinds of posts once in a while?)


After I dyed my hair all black I feel less stress about the ends looking dry. I do, however, tend to prefer my hair to have volume in the roots. I admit I sometimes go around with a bit of a helmet looking 'do on my head and other days it's just flat as can be. I've never been able to be truly dedicated to my hair when it comes to styling but when I make an effort with the roots, these three products are what I use.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo - original. Possibly the most hyped dry shampoo I've ever heard of. For a long time I heard about this product and I just couldn't care less. Dry shampoo is dry shampoo, who even makes demands when it comes to this stuff? But after changing my hair routine from washing it every second day to every three or fourth, this stuff is what keeps me from becoming a complete grease ball. That, and actually trying horrible cheap brands. Who knew you go wrong with this stuff? This is the most neutrally fragranced and light one I've tried so far. Allows me to skip a wash (sometimes two!!) and give a bit of volume. I get the hype now, guys!

L'Oréal Studio Line Volume texturizing spray. I got this at a blogger event (hint the sticker) a long time ago but only got around to use it now and I find that it does a pretty good job at what it claims to do. I spray it the roots, mostly in my bangs, let it sit for a few seconds and then 'hug it' and comb it lightly afterwards to go from awkward emo fringe to a bit more of that 'bedhead but also made an effort' kinda thing. 

Schwartzkopf taft Ultra Pure Mousse. I go back and fourth with mousse. It's either a mess or a success. I usually forget that it exists, so I usually use this for a period of time. Mostly because I have the whole 'go longer without washing my hair' thing going on, this seems a bit contradictory most of the time. But I do like the result it gives when you apply it in damp hair and do a light blow-dry. This one is supposed to be without silicons, perfumes and residues but still give strong hold. Which is always a plus! I've recently started using this stuff every time I've washed my hair and I never regret it. I got from just having a haircut to having an actual hair 'do. 


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New video featuring some looks that have already occurred on the blog, some that are yet to. It's almost two years ago since I made a lookbook video so I thought I'd give it a try. Lookbook videos are some of the videos I always want to watch because of people's individuality. Now I think it's most common that you feature more videos but damn it's pretty hard work so that's gonna have to be a part two. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

PS. I am so late on answering comments, I've gone on a bit of commentary hunt on the recent entries now. Sorry! I appreciate your comments on the blog, keeps it alive!


N/A jacket // H&M sweater + skirt // ROMWE shirt // NIKE shoes 

If I look weirdly happy-go-lucky in these photos it's actually more of a panic reaction to the rain that suddenly started falling when these pictures were shot. I just realized I have never shot any outfits in the rain... not because it's a standard or anything you want to do, it's just that I've stumbled upon other blogs who somehow manage to make the whole pretty/dramatic outfits in the rain a thing. But with the continuous bad weather recently, I've tried to take photos anyway. Why? Because if I don't, I would never update this thing. This and the previous post has both been shot in grey weather and I think they turned out surprisingly okay. So maybe I should just dare and do outfits in demotivating weather more often, heh.

On another note, I've really been looking forward to flaunt this outfit for a while. I had a moment some time ago where I remembered that owned all of these pieces in my wardrobe and they could totally be put together with my new pastel sweater (not so new anymore, totally outworn this already). I freaking love when you discover new ways to combine years old pieces. Like these Nike Air Max. My God, I never wear these anymore I got all excited about wearing them now. New old, dirty shoes - hell yeah!!!

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CHOIES (link) jacket // H&M shirt // MONKI jeans // ASOS (link) slip-ons // PRIMARK bag


Goddamn I love bomber jackets. I will never not enjoy the way they make me feel... weirdly free and in control of myself. I know, I know, dramatic but you know how some clothes you have to get used to and it doesn't always feel right. But I never seem to feel wrong when I wear this type of jacket. Put this type of pattern on any other type of jacket and I would have to be in the mood to wear it but I never feel overdressed or weird wearing this. Maybe it's the way it dresses down everything (not because this outfit could be any more casual even if I tried.)

Also, I just wanna throw in a quick recommendation for you guys. Soooo... I have a fan page on Facebook where I've gotten more active recently. I feel like it's the easiest way to communicate with you guys (that, and Twitter.) For instance recently I asked if you would like me to post outfit photos on the blog before I put up my upcoming lookbook video (where the same outfits appear) or the other way around. You agreed on blogposts first (this is the first outfit for my video btw.) I love that you guys give me responds so quickly, so if you'd like to join, I would be so happy. My social links are right under the banner on the blog. See you! 

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This month I have bought two new books. First of, I gave in and purchased a book I have been wanting to read for a long time, Paul Arden's It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. I'm always looking for insight on how to be better at... well, life. I'm a complete sucker for all sorts of literature with innovative thinking and the self-help vibe. I know that it's very looked down upon to be into all of this (or it seems like it has become that way), but I'm still a big fan of it all. I read this book in about an hour, it's a very simple book but the advice Arden gives is very useful in life in general, not just if you work with advertising or creative jobs. 

The other book, Happiness is possible, was a spontaneous buy. I found it in the sale and I guess it just felt very relatable at the time for the same exact reason as stated above. But this is fiction whilst the other is not. It's about a writer who becomes incapable of writing anything positive after his wife walked out on him. I liked the way the first couple of pages were written, so I gave in and now it's another to-read book on my bookshelves. I kind of expect it to be inspirational but who knows.

If you want to know more about what other books I'm interested in, you can follow me on Goodreads right here. My profile shows my current reads, what I have read, reviewed and what I would like to read in the future. Add me as your friend if you'd like as well!