H&M shirt and dress // ACNE belt // WEEKDAY tote  // NIKE sneakers

Here's what I wore on a terribly hot day. I decided to stubbornly wear sneakers and layers because I didn't feel like wearing sandals or tshirts (which is all I wear at the moment). Not the best decision I've ever made. Also my hair, I know. Can you believe that the dark brown colored I used over the green is fading but the green is staying? That is so annoying. I'm taking a break from damaging my hair though, so I'm gonna have to live with it for a while. Also desperately need a haircut which I'm gonna get the moment I'm not broke anymore. 

I kind of consider my ability of always magically turning whatever hairdo into a bird's nest a skill now tbh. 


DSC_0698_ copy
CHOIES dress // STARING AT STARS (UO) cardigan // TOPSHOP sandals // H&M bag

I think I've found an alternative helping tool to get me updating this thing more often. To post I need inspiration, and when I have that I need confidence and when I find some I just have to "produce". But sometimes it's the pressure of writing something interesting or making something good (which does not just apply to blogging obviously) that keeps you from just.. doing it. And you prevent yourself from doing anything at all. So I've decided that stopping by without too much of a story is also OK to do if it equals me doing the other parts I enjoyed: taking photos and sharing them. The rest will probably come eventually. OH! And I just went brown again - couldn't deal with the constant blue neck/ears/everything. jfkdsfjlsdjf

So here's me in yet another printed dress. I was pretty sceptical when I got it because of the cut so I decided to dress it down completely the best way I know how to do it: flats and something oversize. Ta-daaa.


SHEINSIDE trenchcoat // JOLLYCHIC dress // PRIMADONNA sandals

I always forget the various faces I do when I pose. I go between looking like I hate everything to just having a great time. Here's what I wore on a terribly hot and over all sweaty day, hint the amount of face. I just deal with hair today. Also, you can't tell because of the lightning in this photo but I actually went back to green/blue. It's true! The constant green tint around neck-ear area has returned. Also feeling very at home with my septum ring now, I can finally switch the jewelry next month!

Also, I deeply apologize for being so unpredictable with the updates. I'll be making a video update about it all in the future. For now I'm gonna enjoy that I'm sharing my new cat dress and lightweight trench coat that I adore.



DOWN FROM UNDER (UO) sandals // YVONNE KONE bag // H&M everything else
SO summer has arrived a while ago and it always gives me so many mixed emotions. What if I can't be bothered to shave my legs but it's burning hot? Do I have to show my feet today? Since I'm not a big fan of showing arms and back, that's kind of my options most of the time. Damn is it hard being a woman sometimes (el oh el). Sometimes in the summer I really wish to cover up with layers and this is usually as far as I get. Light pierces with an oversized jacket and heavy sandals. Feels like a mini uniform :)

Oh and if you look closely, that's a piercing in my nose but it's not much visible. I love it but sometimes I fear people think I have a runny nose. Like my grandma thought for like two hours when we met until she pulled herself together and said, "sweety, you have something in your nose.... here's a napkin." Ahhh, yes.


Stepped waaay out my comfort zone and picked out these PJ inspired pants from Persunmall. What? I've told you I'm late on everything fashion related. It's been pretty hot recently and I find myself kind of going back and forth between wanting to show off my legs or just wear something super light weight on the bottom. It definitely feels weird to wear something so loose that it doesn't even get slimmer around the ankles. Gotta admit I applaud the bloggers who have managed to make these work without looking like you just literally only went out of bed to get milk or something.

Oh yeah and this is my new hairdo when I should probably wash my hair and just go the dry-shampoo way. Hooray for ridiculously tiny ponytails.


SHEINSIDE shirt // H&M sunnies + skirt // ASOS slip-ons

(Before someone comments on my skin: remember kids, the spot-treatment tool in photoshop is your best friend. I literally look ten times worse in real life right now.) 

OK, how freaking rad is this shirt? Yes, I just said rad, the word somehow fits to this particular piece. I found it on Sheinside and I just fell in love with it. It's a weird in-between piece that makes you think of summer but not the typical 'LETZ GO NEON OR PASTEL' kind of summer. My mum said it looks like a typically asian shirt. Ehhh, whatever it is I like it.



THRIFTED jacket // CHICNOVA dress // H&M slip-ons

Ahhh yes, my hair has, as expected, reached the 'Hello! I'm a bird's nest' phase. I don't even know what's going on anymore, all I know is that I need someone to help me fix it ASAP. But till I'm done with this big exam paper, I'll continue to look a bit confused about... everything.

A fairly simple outfit yet different outfit combo going on today. I decided to add a bit of pattern to little dress collection and get this checkered dress from (that is now on sale actually). I'm a huge fan of things manage to be statement yet without being flamboyant or impractical... as you know. I also got these slip-ons from H&M divided that I've been thinking about for a while now. Don't even get me started on why I like these.


MONKI shirt // THRIFTED jacket // H&M shorts // OUT FROM UNDER sandals


Hooray, the warm weather is back! For now! Wearing new sandals I bought at the beginning of the month. I decided to splurge on a pair before I spent my money on everything else because sandals are such a weird shoe. My feet are so wide and I can never find a pair that are actually comfortable and pretty. So I decided to go for a less feminine style this season and bought these heavy, leather ones from Urban Outfitters. Still wearing them out but no regrets so far.

I told my friend I had bought sandals and he just went 'sandals?? who the fuck wears sandals?' and I went 'who the fuck doesn't?' I always forget that there are people that just don't wear open shoes... ever. I would be so cranky if I was forced to wear closed shoes all summer. Apparently there are some who believe only people with nice feet are allowed to wear sandals. What a load of BS. I'm a fan of not suffocating your feet no matter how they look.


THRIFTED shirt // URBAN OUTFITTERS jacket // H&M jeans // ADIDAS sneakers // WEEKDAY tote

Sporting the hobo look at the moment because there's honestly so much going on in my life that I just have to feel as comfortable as possible. That, and I've also adapted a 'I. Just. Don't. Care.' attitude recently about the way I look. Not as in the way that I don't want to 'dress up' but more in the sense that I actually want to dress more... weird. I want to express myself more like I used to when I was a teen and people who passed on the street would whisper and shoot me judgmental looks but it just didn't phase me. I felt more free back then, not caring so much about actual fashion but more about expressing. In the end the way I dress is just a small part of my identity.

And what other way to feel super comfortable than to wear boyfriend jeans? I finally found a pair where I couldn't be mistaken for a confused pre-teen. I got these from H&M a while ago and I feel like I've made some kind of crazy investment. It's such unfamiliar territory to wear loose jeans. It definitely takes some getting used to but I'm a fan. 


PRIMARK jacket // MONKI shirt // H&M leggings // NIKE shoes

Are those... leggings?? Worn as pants? Oh no, Yin. Oh yes, dear reader I just went there. Basically I found this shirt in the sale at Monki the other day that I spontantenously bought and I didn't think jeans really worked out, it all became a bit too chunky. That's why I never buy shirts that have that kind of awkward length. But I decided to try out the with leggings and I really like it. The most comfy outfit ever.

I was planning on doing an entire entry about do's and don'ts, so I'll save that for another day but for now this is me breaking my own "rule" about leggings and that is that I wore them. I generally avoid them in all of its forms. Ain't it all cray cray.