Sheinside jacket // H&M sweater // Topshop skirt // Horze boots

Just chillin' around in a new jacket I got from Sheinside.com recently. I picked it out because I don't really have a jacket like this lying around (did I mention I am in rehab for buying jackets? It's true, I owned about 30 jackets till I sorted out my closet). I also really like how light it is. Gotta be honest though, it's not very big and I kind of wish I got it in a size large instead of medium but oh well. I know that a lot of bloggers are wearing bare legs already but there's no way I'm doing it with this wind and still low degrees being around so I thought this piece was a nice bright but warm alternative. Nopez, definitely keeping my tights on just a little longer.


H&M cardigan // Gina Tricot shirt // Topshop pants // brandless shoes

The weather is so distracting at the moment! I keep feeling like I should dress more summer/spring-ish but who am I kidding, it's still cold as fuck most of the time. Sorry but it just is - especially when you're on your bike all day. For some odd reason I can't seem to get into the light color scheme just yet, actually it seems that I'm completely delayed with the seasons and I have this weird urge to dress for fall all of the time. 

I decided to wear my beloved dotted pants out. They always make me fell more uplifted and quirky. Gotta love dots. I also wore out my furry H&M sweater I actually bought this winter but just realized I've never worn for an OOTD on the blog. I need more textured pieces in my wardrobe to compensate for my tendencies to go all dark and bland. What about you - are you all dressy for spring already?


Two-piece set // Platform heels // Embroided sweater

Spent some time Persunmall.com the other day and found some stuff I wouldn't mind having for spring. I thought I'd share some of it in case there is a minority of you somewhere that isn't seriously confused about my taste in fashion.

But seriously though. A satin, baby blue two-piece set? Definition of comfy and spring. Chunky platform heels? Perfecto. Embroided asian-vibe sweater? Yep, it's just the right amount of tacky I might get it. Still seriously considering all of these items. I'm ready for some weird statement pieces this spring.


DSC_8147O copy
Click on the picture to get to the video!

New video is finally up, my God. It's been more than a month since my last upload, I mean my previous video is my January favorites??! Which is why I've decided to skip the March favorites and decided to pull myself together and sit down after like three weeks and edit this video. Which means I filmed this about three weeks ago when I visited Sweden for half a day with my momma and bought a bunch of stuff. There might be a teeny tiny travel vlog in there as well. Also a good indicator that I don't upload that often I've had a new haircut... since I mentioned my new hair cut in my last video. 

PSSSTT if you're confused about why the video is not embedded, just click the picture and I'll take you to my channel. Join the comment section, like the video or summit.  


Despite that some people might categorize my blog as a fashion/style one I don't consider myself very quick when it comes to 'getting' trends. I have an open mind when it comes to fashion because it seems like nothing's totally out of question when it comes to fashion most of the time - and I love it. But when it comes to actually following or committing to a trend (not because I have to but because I like it), I'm super slow. Like, very slow. You see, I fall in love with new styles every month and then I just wait around for my next paycheck so I can get my hands on it. But meanwhile another cool style pops up and I end up being late on everything.

Basically what I'm trying to say today is that I finally really went on the croptop bandwagon and I'm loving it.  My current favorite is this one from the H&M divided section, super cheap, doesn't make me body conscious because of the sleeves and I love the neckline. Casual/daring/fancy/comfortable in one.


So this post is a bit of an odd, random one. But basically by now my blog consists of food as well... so I figured this would not be completely weird for you guys as some of you might have noticed I've been trying to become more healthy! I aspire to live a life where I don't feel like not consuming bad stuff is a battle. So I like to find alternatives! 

One alternative I've been on the hunt for is da coffaaay. I love coffee. Well, I'm not a hardcore black coffee kind of fan, I like mine with two sugars, no milk. But after I started having sleeping problems a long time ago, I've been drinking decaf more often. But let's not pretend that that's super healthy either. 

So recently I went to a health store and I bought this guy. "Bambu instant coffee" by the brand A.Vogel. This is an organic coffee alternative that consists of fruit and corn, that and it's completely caffeine free! Pretty much sounds like everything I look for. I asked the sales assistant if it tasted anything like the real deal and she assured me it did, so I was amazed. Then I got home, followed the instructions and I was all "this is not da coffaaay, this is weiiird :(" But I'm kind of determined on making this work so I've been trying to add less and more and such. Still not really feeling it though. I'm kind of hoping it's a matter of getting used to. 

Anyone ever tried this? What are your thoughts and how do you like your cup of Bambu coffee?


CHOIES bomber // MONKI dress // ACNE belt // HORZE boots 

Hiya. Been a while, sorry about that. I had this passing exam and as always I'm a complete wreck no matter how important the assignment is. It's weird how I love school but 90% of the time I'm utter shit at it in pretty much all aspects lol. 

Anyway, HOW ABOUT THESE PATTERNS, EH? I can't seem to stop wearing dark colors even though spring is finally showing it's bright face so I've kind of tried to gravitate towards patterns instead. I got this Monki dress the other day and I've been getting so many compliments for it. I also received this amazing bomber jacket from CHOIES.COM a while ago that I wasn't sure what to wear with without it being too predictable. So today I decided to just clash the two together cause hell, why not?



I did some spontanous shopping at the beginning of the month and I just thought I'd do a bit of different post and share. I've tried to find places you can buy them online.

A go-to jar. I've been thinking about getting this exact kind of jar recently to make my smoothie/tea/detox beverages much easier to deal with and what do I find at random in UO? This thing. No way I could pass it up. I've already used it for a smoothie and it's the perfect size for a standard smoothie portion for me in the morning. I am in love.

W.I.P. nail polish in Mermaid. I believe I picked this up three times while I was at the store, trying to resist adding another unnecessary nail polish to my collection but I'm weak and I've never seen a color like this one. It's adorable and wicked at the same time. And the packaging reminds me of something off Stylenanda.com for some reason. Unfortunately it's one of those where you seriously only get the glitter and not the color. FUUU.

The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. Probably the most random and spontanous buy of the month already. I was off from a lecture and passed my uni bookstore when I saw this standing on a sales shelf. First the cover appealed to me and then the entire thing just sucked me right in. It's a non-fiction book that researches our obsession with happiness with the help of philosophy and modern science. I'm a bit obsessed with the concept of happiness and I'm seduced by anything can rationalize human behavior. It was meant to be. 

What do you think of these kinds of posts? Do you like them or do you just wish I would stop already?


URBAN OUTFITTERS jacket // CHICNOVA top // PRIMARK skirt // HORZE shoes // H&M scarf

All awkward smiles because I was going to Sweden, Malmö with my mom the next day. It's weird, never been to Sweden though it's right there. Things have been going a bit 'urgh' lately and I desperately needed to escape for just a day, so I convinced my mom to take a day trip with me. It was great! More about that later on though.

Also, the dish towel has returned! May or may not make you wanna go on a picnic... or visit Scotland. Either way I can't stop and won't stop flaunting this thing. Anyway! I picked this random but cute tshirt from Chicnova a few weeks ago and the other day I got it. I wore it to work and I'm pretty convinced that the majority of the costumers were questioning my life choices. Whatever, I think it's funny and cute. That and it's huge! Probably gonna turn it into regular sleepwear someday for it's oversize comfy-ness.


ZARA blazer // CHICNOVA top // H&M pants + sunnies // ADIDAS shoes // MONKI bag

I have a confession to make. When I cut my hair all I had in mind was: "This girl can rock it and look confident, so can I" aka I can continue to wear flowery dresses one day and tomboy looks the other without the blink of an eye and fearlessly walk out the door. I've sacrificed a few things in my wardrobe ever since, putting my self-confidence to a test. 

One of item I haven't worn in a long time is a blazer. I don't know, felt a bit too much, didn't seem like I could actually own it. But I recently pulled out my dusty old Zara blazer and then continued to wonder why I ever hesitated. I then decided to challenge myself and go all out in a comfy suit-ish get-up. And you know what? It didn't feel bad. Didn't feel bad at all.