I don't know if any of you who follow me on my Facebook fanpage have noticed but I like sharing music. If I discover (or rediscover) a song that just makes me feel something, I have a very strong urge to share it with other people. So the other day I thought... hey, why don't I just post a playlist once in a while on my blog? Maybe that will be my music-sharing fix. That way you guys can also get an idea of my music taste... which is very, very, very wide. 

I kind of tend to get into a certain type of genre at once and then I just listen to anything that has a slightly similar vibe to it. In August I've especially been very into one of my biggest weaknesses: "flowy", preferably electro, slow-ish (yeah, don't expect any clever descriptions from this one) songs that you can listen to in the evening when you're on your couch, drinking tea at the end of the day for example. I especially like to listen to the majority of the songs on this list when I go for a walk around sunset time. It sets me in a very specific mood, sometimes melancholic, other times it just brings a certain clarity to everything. Try it out yourself and let me know if you enjoyed the songs... excuse my lack of DJ skills though.



MONKI polo (link) // ASOS bomber (link) + skirt (link) // N/A bag // DOWN FROM UNDER sandals

Have I introduced you guys to my fivehead in the past? I can't remember. Here's a fun fact: I never wear my hair up like this for an entire day unless I 1) have the greasiest, grossest hair day of them all and nowhere near dry shampoo or 2) I've only seen myself in certain lightning before I went out the door and I got overly confident about how the whole thing looked - only to come home, look myself in real lightning and have the truth slapped my face by the mirror; you, my friend, have looked really wonky in the face the entiiire day. Won-ky.

In other news I also wore this getup on the day where summer decided it was gonna dramatically do a transition to fall. It was just a weird day. I got around to wear a midi-skirt I bought recently off ASOS. Had I known it would be the tightest thing (tight as in forcing my thighs to connect at all times, not as in cool), I would've gone one size up. Oh well, maybe I can do some stretching in it and hope it will stop making me feel like wrapped up ready made pizza dough you can buy at the supermarket. That, or I'll hope to drop some of that crazy water weight I've been gaining after going on hormonal pills.

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CHEAP MONDAY tshirt // MINKPINK skirt // DOWN FROM UNDER (UO) sandals

Excuse the upcoming OOTDs that seem unrealistically summer-ish, I have a bunch drafted from warmer times... before summer turned into fucking winter in a week. I'm genuinely in shock. Did that happen last year or are my worries rational?

Anyway I recently sorted and re-organized my closet, an activity I should do waaay more often. Not just because it's messy but because I always end up rediscovering cool pieces I have lying around but never wear. Sometimes it seriously feels like going shopping! Like this loud tribal skirt I bought a year ago and wore once. I remember loving the look but not the length but ever since I gained a bit of weight and longer skirts have been flaunted around the streets this season it feels like a great time to wear it with my fun Cheap Monday tee. 

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H&M everything // THE SCARLETT ROOM loafers

DSC_1990 DSC_1994

Now that I'm more actively back 'into' the blogsphere, something I've noticed is the talk about summer being over. You see, I don't like that. Not one bit. I haven't really been able to show off some of the clothes I bought this summer. One of them being this one-piece that I fell in love with a few months ago because it just seemed so fitting for me. Alright let's have a look at it for a second; it's pastel but with an egdy/contrast color that doesn't make it appear too girly. The shape is almost like a tshirt dress but with a little bit of shaping in the waist. It has pockets. All of my weaknesses - it was inevitable that I would buy this.

I imagined myself wearing it in a more beachy scenery with a cute sunhat on but I guess this casual summer/fall transitioning version will have to do for now. I'll probably bring it back next season. Oh and I have rekindled my love for my spiked loafers if you haven't already figured. Don't worry, I'll wear another pair of overly worn favorite shoes for my next outfit. 

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C/O SHEINSIDE trenchcoat (here) // DAISY STREET top (here) // H&M pants // THESCARLETROOM loafers

Very intense Sunday vibes went on last weekend when I wore this getup. The previous night was the night I re-did my layout and sometimes negative and stressful things can keep you from sleeping, but in rare cases you can also feel so excited and impatient about the future with the same result. That's what happened this time around when I couldn't sleep till around six o'clock in the morning because I couldn't stop thinking about my new plans for the blog and my channel. No, I'm serious. 

Around 5:30 I was even casually lying in my bed when I was drunk dialed by a friend who was on his way home from a wild night out. Something's very off about being completely awake for drunk dials at such an unreasonable time on a Sunday. I managed to get about four hours of sleep before the sun woke me up. Then I spent half of my day editing my new video. I told you, I feel committed and ambitious about this. Speaking of commitment, I will also be sharing suggestions or the exact pieces I'm wearing for my outfits in every OOTD post from now on in case you like idea of what I'm wearing.

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DSC_1329 copy-

Do I look a bit apologetic in this thumbnail for my new video? That's because I am, haha. It's now been four months since I uploaded my last video which I personally think is very impressive, even for me. So  I decided to return with a very random video, talking about how life has been and why I've been gone.. and how I'd like to approach things differently when it comes to my blog and youtube channel. Oh, and don't worry. My Youtube channel is still gonna be a completely messy and silly place.

Click on the picture to be redirected to the video - don't forget to like the video to show your support. It really motivates me! 



Ah yes, the layout of has a slightly new look yet again. I had a big DING DING NOW IS THE TIME moment and sat down for a looong time deciding. Now there's a new header, new fonts and a lot less... stuff. Also I decided to go with black and white this time around in hope that I won't become indecisive about the color. A very safe choice, I know, but for the first time I don't mind too much. Mostly because I'd really like my content to speak more for itself now.

What do you guys think of the now more stripped version of the blog?

My inspiration level during the past few months has been very shaky and rollercoaster-like. I feel inspired by other people when it comes to creative outlets like fashion, blogging and video making but not enough to play around with my own creative spaces which is something that has really bothered me lately. I used to be very into the visual aspects of everything; videos, photographs, website layouts and the other day I realize I still am. Especially because I've started reading blogs again... which I haven't really done in over a year! (Such a hypocrite...) Sometimes I just need to start over again. Obviously I couldn't make a new blog because I'd like to keep you guys (even though I did consider moving my domain to Wordpress for a short while just for the cool theme options - but that would mean I'd lose some google reader followers. Which I'm not too sure if anyone actively uses anymore). 

Aside from changing the layout a bit and adding two pages - one being a short profile and FAQ page for new incomers and another being a wishlist where I will share the stuff I window shop once in a while. I'd also like to change the spirit of the blog a bit. Nothing too drastic but I'd like to change the way I make my posts. Hopefully an outfit post at least once a week and/or a video + another miscellaneous post that can be about beauty, music, etc. Maybe I'll even try and bring back the more documenting posts where I just photograph stuff from my life. Something I've become extremely poor at after my acne and anxiety built up.

I'm not sure if the result will be a super different blog but hopefully it will reflect me more now than it did before. I will elaborate on the whole 'reprensenting me' thing in a video which is actually already up on my channel. Uni starts soon and I really want this place to be a part of my free time activities. 

Wish me luck?  


H&M shirt and dress // ACNE belt // WEEKDAY tote  // NIKE sneakers

Here's what I wore on a terribly hot day. I decided to stubbornly wear sneakers and layers because I didn't feel like wearing sandals or tshirts (which is all I wear at the moment). Not the best decision I've ever made. Also my hair, I know. Can you believe that the dark brown colored I used over the green is fading but the green is staying? That is so annoying. I'm taking a break from damaging my hair though, so I'm gonna have to live with it for a while. Also desperately need a haircut which I'm gonna get the moment I'm not broke anymore. 

I kind of consider my ability of always magically turning whatever hairdo into a bird's nest a skill now tbh. 


DSC_0698_ copy
CHOIES dress // STARING AT STARS (UO) cardigan // TOPSHOP sandals // H&M bag

I think I've found an alternative helping tool to get me updating this thing more often. To post I need inspiration, and when I have that I need confidence and when I find some I just have to "produce". But sometimes it's the pressure of writing something interesting or making something good (which does not just apply to blogging obviously) that keeps you from just.. doing it. And you prevent yourself from doing anything at all. So I've decided that stopping by without too much of a story is also OK to do if it equals me doing the other parts I enjoyed: taking photos and sharing them. The rest will probably come eventually. OH! And I just went brown again - couldn't deal with the constant blue neck/ears/everything. jfkdsfjlsdjf

So here's me in yet another printed dress. I was pretty sceptical when I got it because of the cut so I decided to dress it down completely the best way I know how to do it: flats and something oversize. Ta-daaa.


SHEINSIDE trenchcoat // JOLLYCHIC dress // PRIMADONNA sandals

I always forget the various faces I do when I pose. I go between looking like I hate everything to just having a great time. Here's what I wore on a terribly hot and over all sweaty day, hint the amount of face. I just deal with hair today. Also, you can't tell because of the lightning in this photo but I actually went back to green/blue. It's true! The constant green tint around neck-ear area has returned. Also feeling very at home with my septum ring now, I can finally switch the jewelry next month!

Also, I deeply apologize for being so unpredictable with the updates. I'll be making a video update about it all in the future. For now I'm gonna enjoy that I'm sharing my new cat dress and lightweight trench coat that I adore.